iContact is designed to be an all-inclusive finger-friendly contact manager for Windows Mobile PocketPC phones.


Reworked and greatly sped up list reload time
Added contact categories!
Better touch feedback (area touched is highlighted in blue)
Updated skin titlebar to match iDialer
Removed TitlebarBackground, TitlebarSignal, TitlebarText from .skn file, they’re now calculated from the .png
Better integration with iDialer (now able to change iDialer service from iContact)
Fixed bug with incorrect call log details sometimes being displayed
Optimized graphics routines for faster, smoother scrolling
Fixed bug with Exit on Minimize sometimes not exiting
Fixed bug with settings icon in control panel
Fixed bug with scrolling: click once to stop scrolling, click again to open contact
Added “-add” command line option
Fixed called party name display when not used with iDialer
Added better iDialer detection if iContact and iDialer not installed on the same memory (thanks l3v5y)