iContact is designed to be an all-inclusive finger-friendly contact manager for Windows Mobile PocketPC phones.


[+] Added scrollbar
[+] Added “-details [oid]” command line option to jump straight to contact details
[+] Added “Create Shortcut” button to create start menu item
[+] Added “enableSensor” registry setting for touch sensor
[+] Reset Missed Call Count upon visiting -recents tab
[+] Added ability to jump to a letter using hardware keyboard
[#] Fixed bug with D-Pad + SMS
[#] Fixed clipping issue with contact names on QVGA screens
[#] Fixed bug that was forcing exit when service changed
[#] Used DeviceResolutionAware.h
[#] Fixed bug with keyboard popup on categories or details
[#] Fixed bug with Settings.exe not displaying more than 8 categories