Manage your contacts with iContact… based upon the original iContact, enhanced by Ender.

Release notes:

Feature : It is now based on the 0.76 codebase of subpro. This brings many features like VGA support and all that. See for his updates. Also please thank/donate him if you like his work.
Feature : Number of repeated calls (incoming/outgoing/missed) is now shown as part of the icon as a small number in a circle (Sorry I broke the skins again fellas)
Feature : A default phone number will now show under the name (You can disable this using the setting DisableDialingNumber in settings.ini) (You can set the font of this number using “DialingNoListFont” and color using “ListItemNumberText” setting in the skn file.)
Feature : An icon showing the type of number will show next to the default number (You can disable this using the setting DisableDialingNumberIcon)(These icons are again part of the skin)
Feature : When you long press a contact for a period of time (setting LongTapDelay) , it will automatically dial the default number for that contact. (Disable using DisableLongTapAction)
Feature : There is a visual indicator for long pressing to show when the dial will occur and which contact will be dialed.
Feature : There is now a minimize button on the top right. Again this is in the skin file. If you don’t like it just remove it from the skin.
Feature : There is now a new setting in the skin file “HeaderTextDetail” for those who want to have a different colored header on the details screen.
Fix : Fixed a bug where contact pictures didn’t show even when stopped
Fix : Fixed an issue with drawing pictures that slowed down the drawing. However there is still some screen tearing going on due to new icons and stuff.
Fix : It now works with WM5
Note : There are 2 different cabs for wm5 an wm6. wm5 version also works on wm6 but i think it performs slower.