Manage your contacts with iContact… based upon the original iContact, enhanced by Ender.

Release notes:

Feature : It is now based on Burt 6 codebase (Thanks to Burt). This brings all his features. See for his updates. Also please thank him for what he has done.
Feature : Displayed default number is now smarter. iContact will scan your outgoing call log the first chance it gets and use the most used number as default displayed number.
Feature : There is now a menu button animation while switching tabs. (See the configuration application for disabling/adjusting this)
Feature : Bottom menu now automatically hides while scrolling. (See the configuration application for disabling/adjusting this)
Feature : Call button (green soft button) will now call the selected contact
Modified : It comes with a default (and only) diamond skin which is based on Lycox’s work. (Sorry Punker I was going to use your skin but since I switchted to burt’s code skin format has changed as well )
Modified : Call times show next to the icon instead of on top of the icon
Fix : When you go back from the details page, that contact will be highlighted
Fix : Fixed a bug where having only one call log item would crash