iFonz 2 is a new Windows Mobile interface, with a lots of customization and a fully graphical design and animations for Windows Mobile 5/6 completely writed in .NET.


Added iFonz2Configurator.exe in the folder to set all options of the program
General speed improvements
Fixed error with big text day on Calendar top, use integer value in settings.dat for “TextSizeCalTop”
Added a lots of options for customize iFonz 2
Optimized the reload of programs when Rename, Move and Delete
Fix an error with battery signal when is critical
Removed Favorites in scrolling list of files for now
Now Settings.dat is created/completed with missed default values
The loading of iFonz is a little more slow of old version because now load settings and icons at start
Modify the maximum number of button in Home Page to 12
Now click icons is more simple and the sensibility is correct
Added Enter key to return to page 1 in Programs
Added function to return automatically in iFonz when close it or a program

Discussion: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=482986