iFonz is an iPhone imitater for Windows Mobile 5/6 PPC’s, completely rewrited in .NET.


– Now speed of all graphics depend of your mobile processor
– Correct a bug with graphics, and now less memory are used
– Add pushed image to all icons
– Add type of icon (“Normal”, “Phone”, “Messages”, “Calendar”, “Tasks”), if you set it the icon do some special things
– Add Startup with Windows in General Settings
– Add new image for icons after the first page
– Bottom Bar Icons are editable now
– Increase the limit to 16 icons for page (for VGA user)
– Start implementation for VGA users
– Add date on icon calendar editable
– Create notification balloon for Calendar Appointment and for Active Tasks
– User can set the speed of Slide animation
– Fade in and Fade out speed improvements
– Get the default icon from the program selected
– If there isn’t a Pushed image for icon it zoom out when clicked
– In Search File added the name of the file you search
– Create save/load theme style (General and Icons settings)