iFonz is a clone of iPhone interface, with a lots of customization and a fully graphical design and animations
for Windows Mobile 5/6 completely writed in .NET.


– Correct error when you start a program and rotate the screen and after return in iFonz and go to error
– Add number of icons for row in Portrait and Landscape in settings
– Add number of bottom bar icons in settings, now u can set 0 icons for bottom bar
– Increase the number of icons for page to 20
– Resolved some bugs and increased speed of launch programs
– Restyled the Settings form
– Correct dimension of Operator name, now dont go over the time
– Now you can customize all the graphics in “gfx” folder
– Correct In & Out of icons from page
– Correct some graphics bugs
– Correct error with calendar, if you dont see the numbers of appointments, in your device this not work for now
– Now you can enter in settings directly from the link iFonz Settings in the programs menu
– Correct problem with Load Themes which create error in registry creation (old saves work correctly)
– Add in themes menu the item Default Settings to delete all previous settings and reset iFonz to initial settings