Want push mail from an IMAP server (like Gmail) on your windows mobile device? Then this project is for you. This program runs as a service and subscribes to IMAP IDLE commands to know when new messages arrive at the IMAP mailbox. It will then tell Pocket Outlook to send/receive.


2009-05-26 – version 0.61 (beta status)
.) based on official version 0.6
.) bug-fixing in ImapPusherServiceManager: connection list
.) bug-fixing in ImapPusherServiceManager: log window
.) disabled the agree message on startup of service (so it is possible to start after a reboot with making autostart lnk to imappusherservice.exe
.) cab file for easy install inclusive startup link for starting automatically after reboot.
.) no warning on holding connection all the time. (be careful if you don’t have a flat internet connection)
(warning only if password is not set)