iPhoneToday aims to be an iPhone Today style interface for Pocket PC’s.


– Multiples screens (With animates transactions)
– Notification on icons for calls, sms, etc
– Is a Today (No problems when we push the home button, no problems with incoming calls, …)
– Compatibility with others todays (By example: Date Today and iPhoneToday after), today height configurable
– QVGA, VGA, WVGA… (The user define the icon size and height screen)
– UI for Icons managings
– UI for configuration
– Very low memory


– Added option to ignore rotation (for peoples with problems to return to portrait)
– For Mortscripters: Added fuctionality for reload icons (If you set the registry entry “HLKM/Software/iPhoneToday/reloadIcons” to 1 the icons are reload automatically)
– Added Donate Buttom
– Small internal changes