iPhoneToday aims to be an iPhone Today style interface for Pocket PC’s.


1.Fixed battery drainage issue.
2.Improved quality of icons by using the averaging interpolation method for resizing them.
3.Added an alternative method for alpha blending to the background that should be faster but requires more memory.
4.Added an option to “use mask for transparency” that might help the scrolling performance on some devices.
5.Added text quality option (Default, Draft, Nonantialiased, Antialiased, Cleartype, Cleartype comp), but it is available only when alpha blend on background is disabled.
6.Added facename (font family) option for the text labels under the icons, the header text, and the special icons text. (you have to manually configure the XML, no dialog yet).
7.Added shadow and roundrect options for the header text.
8.Added –winkey command to display the start menu.
9.Added an option to show battery percentage while charging (enabled by default).
10.Changed default value of vibration for non phone devices to 0.
11.Fixed crash when copying icons from topbar.
12.Fixed bug with pressed icon not displaying correctly when alpha blend is enabled.
13.If reloadIcon is 2 icons.xml are saved after loading them from registry.
14.Installer now displays a warning that today plugin will not be available if you choose to install to storage card.
15.Some minor fixes and improvements.