iPhoneToday aims to be an iPhone Today style interface for Pocket PC’s.


1.Improved scrolling performance. It should be really fast when there is no wallpaper or there is a gradient or image background for the mainscreen pages. Under these conditions you could even enable alpha blend on background without any performance loss.
2.Improved animation performance.
3.Added new animation effects. The available ones are: “None”, “Expand rectangle from center”, “Zoom out from center”, “Zoom in to center”, “Expand rectangle from clicked area”, “Zoom out from clicked area”, and “Zoom in to clicked area”.
4.Added “animation” tab in options where you can select the animation effect, the animation duration, and whether to launch the application before the animation.
5.The “out of screen” tab got more options. You can now configure to stop scrolling when there are no more icons in a given direction.
6.Added an option to tile the background images.
7.Included a couple of tileable textures.
8.Included an iPhone background for the BottomBar.
9.Included some nicer looking bubbles.
10.When adding a new icon, it is now by default inserted at the end of the list not at the beginning.
11.Whenever edit boxes receive the keyboard focus all the text in them is selected and the keyboard is shown.
12.For PNDs added a “KB” button next to the “OK” and “X” buttons.
13.icons.xml and settings.xml are now always saved with DOS new lines.
14.Center button of D-pad jumps to first page.
15.Added –goto:right and –goto:left (similar to the –goto:next and –goto:previous).
16.Added a “Cradle State” icon.
17.Fixed non updating “Calendar & Appointments”, “Unplayed Voice Mails” and “Irda State” icons.
18.Fixed exec alt of “Missed Calls & Signal Strength & Operator Name” icon.
19.Fixed an issue when text’s color is black.
20.Other minor fixes and improvements…