iPhoneUI is a shell for the Windows Mobile system. It works on the Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1 & 6.5 systems. It is maximized which means that this will “overwrite” your boring original windows homescreen.


* Finally found a way to delete the blank.png image (a simple transparent image) which I had to use in order to view the programs. The image is now deleted and nothing is viewed under the icons, this has resulted in speed improvments.
* Remade the unlockwidget. In previous releases I used a rather large image to the slide widget. I’ve now added a “Slide to unlock” text instead and deleted the image.
* Added function to the operator name in topbar. If the operator name is longer than 13 letters it will shorten the name. Also, if the phone is connected to the computer or a headset is connected to the phone, the result will be the same (it will shorten the name)
* Changed DateTimeWidget image and also changed the location of the time and date. Also resized the image
* Added vibrate image, when phone is set to vibrate mode, in topbar
* Readded a battery charging icon in topbar & a battery icon in topbar
* Added a activesync image in topbar which will show when the phone is synchronizing with pc.
* Changed Wallpaper in mainmenu
* Changed contacts icon
* Changed Ipod icon
* Changed and improved arrow image quality in lockscreen
* Improved notify icons quality in lockscreen and also repositioned them
* Made the calendar button show the whole day instead of only the two first words.
* Added a volume icon in invoke menu.
* BIG speed improvments in both unlockwidget and mainmenu.
* Cleaned up the code from unneccessary functions.
* Deleted dialog question and instead made the application exit directly (when exit application button is pressed)
* Made the sliding function less responsive due to sometime sliding when instead user intend to press a button
* Removed the battery icon in invoke menu due to beeing unneccessary
* Readded the toplock icon in topbar once again. This will only be shown when the app is in lock mode
* Fixed a bug with the battery in topbar. It now registers system changes.
* Fixed a bug with the Shellconfig.xml.
* Fixed a bug with the time located in topbar.
* Fixed a bug with the operator name in topbar