iPhoneUI is a shell for the Windows Mobile system. It works on the Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1 & 6.5 systems. It is maximized which means that this will “overwrite” your boring original windows homescreen.


1.MAJOR design/UI improvments in mainmenu, lockmenu, topbar. I rewrote the code and in that way was able to resize all images in app.
2.Removed gprs icon in topbar
3.Fixed a bug with the calendar widget. In previous release the notify images came in the way when an appointment was stated.
4.Added a Wifi topbar icon
5.Changed the bluetooth image
6.Added bluetooth headset icon in topbar
7.Added sound and mute icon in topbar
8.Added a headset icon in topbar
9.Fixed a bug with the lock button and the hibernate function
10.Repositioned all the icons in topbar.
11.Fixed minor bugs in main app
12.Added signal strength percentage text in topbar
13.Changed Wallpaper
14.Major speed improvments in both mainmenu and lockmenu.
15.Added battery percentage in topbar
16.Added battery charging icon in topbar
17.Added a battery monitor form
18.Fixed a bug in topbar
19.Added a “No Network” text in topbar if the phone isn’t connected to a network
20.Changed bubble image
21.Deleted the clock icon in mainmenu due to beeing unnecessary
22.Fixed a bug with the vibrate function which made the phone vibrate like crazy when the dial/phone icon was pressed
23.Added youtube icon (requires that you have it installed in phone)
24.Changed badge image