IPSMS is a tool for sending SMS via SMS77, SMSBug, Voipbuster (nonoh, sparvoip, voipstunt, webcall Direct, VoipWise, 12voip, dialnow, justvoip etc.) and your cellular network provider.

Release notes:

Known bugs:
– “Firstname Lastname” view is sorted by Lastname
– bad screen design of In- and Outbox in landscape mode and VGA devices
– right LED goes off when device goes into standby (bug of HERMLed driver)
– amber notification LED, bluetooth LED and W-LAN LED doesn´t blink anymore if LED signalling in IPSMS used (bug of HERMLed driver). Soft-Reset the device, to fix it.

Open feature requests:
– change screen design of Inbox and Outbox based on current used screen orientation
– number of digits to strip for national -> international mobile phone number conversion
– save Inbox and Outbox messages on program exit
– abbreviation button set for each favorite
– send SMS to multiple numbers
– send SMS at a specific time
– long SMS for Voipbuster and SMSBug (split long message and send as many single SMS)
– show addional phones numbers from Outlook in IPSMS contact list

Version: 0.3.2 – 06.02.2008
– added: strip “(“, “)” and “-” chars when reading contacts from Outlook
– added: option to hide IPSMS automatically on successful sent