The JMLToday Titanium plugin provides you with,


– Clock, Date
– Weather forecast current, today and the follwing 4 day + city + conditions
– Tear-off calendar
– Notifications: Battery, Wifi, Bluetooth, next appointment, next alarm.
– Supports S2U2 weather (option: UserWeather)
– Context menu (on page 1)
– Special Internet Setting for light use (Page 2)
– Interface to implement AddOns by using simple MortScript (Micha will explain it)


– 4 Pages : Clock/Notification, Weather, Appointments, SMS
– New skins management
– Use -> TICS <- for installation (from @MichelDiamond) - Use -> MichasRefresh <- for Titanium refresh (from @MichelDiamond) - fix minors bugs - new program JMLComm.exe to Activate/Desactivate BT/Wifi - new program JMLSms.exe to store SMS to registers keys - new program JMLCalendar.exe to store Appointments to registers keys - new program JMLMenu.exe to manage all context menus (JMLAction.exe deleted) - #GOTO command supported (same as JMLPanex) - %JMLTODAY% and %JMLPANEX% variables for path-file supported - add Phone-status notification : GPRS, EDGE, 3G... OFF - add Data-connexion and ActiveSync notifications - "Update" menu item : only update registry keys (no update weather -> no connexion)
– “Weather” menu item : update weather
– JMLPanex preconfigured for all pages during installation