The JMLToday Titanium plugin provides you with,


– Clock, Date
– Weather forecast current, today and the follwing 4 day + city + conditions
– Tear-off calendar
– Notifications: Battery, Wifi, Bluetooth, next appointment, next alarm.
– Supports S2U2 weather (option: UserWeather)
– Context menu (on page 1)
– Special Internet Setting for light use (Page 2)
– Interface to implement AddOns by using simple MortScript (Micha will explain it)


JMLPanex v2.30 required
– Fix bug calendar icone (appointment with category)
– Fix bug voicemail count

Page1 : Main Page
– add flightmode on/off
– add ‘discoverable’ mode for Bluetooth
– add data off
Page2 : Weather
– JMLConnect.mscr deleted
– new JMLMeteo.exe with new connexion managment
– MSN Weather OR ACCUWeather
– new msn and accu folder for pictures (meteo folder deleted !)
Page3 : Today and Tomorrow Appointments
– next,all-days and recurrent appointments FOR 2 days
– show first category as ICON (if .png exist) instead of number calendar pic
– show duration of appointment
Page4 : Unread SMS
– none
New Page5 : Events
– next anniversaries/birthdays (stored in Contacts application).
– show today private event (in private.txt)
Others :
– Add IsNight and IsBatteryCritical20 registry key.
– new JMLPanels.mscr : enable/disable Page3/Page4/Page5
– New ‘cal’ folder (categories pic AND numbers calender pic for appointments (from @kane159))[/B]
– Skins : some images in folders are optional -> JMLToday uses default image if the image was not found in skin-images folders -> small skin size !
– add JMLLang_tw (from @kane159)
– add JMLLang_pl (from @Yasioo79)
– fix JMLLang_ru (from @benno1)
– Ephemeride 2010 : .hu, .pl, .fr, .de
– different background for each page
– Fix 12 Hour AM/PM bug (@Jelad)