The JMLToday Titanium plugin provides you with,


– Clock, Date
– Weather forecast current, today and the follwing 4 day + city + conditions
– Tear-off calendar
– Notifications: Battery, Wifi, Bluetooth, next appointment, next alarm.
– Supports S2U2 weather (option: UserWeather)
– Context menu (on page 1)
– Special Internet Setting for light use (Page 2)
– Interface to implement AddOns by using simple MortScript (Micha will explain it)


– skins Multi-Resolution (i hope)
– new notifications managment (JMLWinToday.exe background process) for best response time
– new appointments notification (Replace CHome appointment notification = 2 days only)
– new contacts notification (auto-update anniversaries on Page5)
– fix Private.txt event bug (@benno1)
– add SMS.txt file for sending predifined text-SMS.
– add isBatteryVeryCritical registry key and if Battery < critical_value (defined in .ini) -> switch OFF Bluetooth and Wifi
– add ‘Rdv2’ register key to display 2 appointments on 1st Page (@benno1)
– add RamFree, RamPNG, RamSize, RamPercent registry keys
– add RomFree, RomPNG, RomSize, RomPercent registry keys
– add SystemPNG and SystemVal (Battery% + Ram%) registry keys (with 6 state-pictures in ‘sys’ folder)
– Page3 : show up to 5 next appointments on 30 next days
– Page4 : unread SMS or ALL SMS (with a parameter defined in .ini)
– Page4 : contextual menu with CALL, REPLY, MARK, DELETE actions
– Page5 : contextual menu with CALL, SEND-SMS actions
– add functionality to copy/duplicate default JMLToday registry key to your own registry key (other item and other page). It’s defined in a .ini file for each skin.
– start/stop all notifications when titanium enabled/disabled (wait 5s to detect if Titanium Refresh only)
– add Map-Weather for MSN-Weather
– add Google-Weather (@brunoisa10) with google folder for pictures
– fix ACCUWeather connection problem
– ACCUWeather in your language