Using Klaxon is pretty straightforward; it’s more or less like the standard Clocks and Alarms application.


Removed the upper right default “ok” button from the OpenFileDialog. This prevents users from hitting Ok and closing the dialog when no file has been selected.
Reverted previous change to “dismiss” Windows alarms. This was causing issues on mine and other devices in that the Klaxon Alarm would never show up. In its place, Klaxon now prevents Windows Alarms from flashing, playing sound, or vibrating. The notification will still show up, but at least not it is completely benign.
You can no longer hit the Off or Snooze buttons while the phone’s screen is powered off.
Klaxon will no longer start the OpenFileDialog in the Windows directory to prevent the device from hanging while all the files are listed.
Fixed Daylight Savings Bug!