camro updated his application MailHandler, based upon ImapPusher.


+ mail handling for getting emails via standard mail programm (poutlook) in defined time scheduling
+ multiple mail profiles
+ checking email via “Imap Idle” and via “Polling”
+ imap(143) and imaps(993) ssl
+ Polling in free defined time interval
+ Multiple Time Scheduling for mailhandling with options for:
+> switching on/off diff. connection things (RADIO, GPRS WLAN, BLUETOOTH)
+> email checking (using imapidle or polling)
+> multiple time plans for every mail profile with using diff checking interval (polling or imapidle)
+> multiple time plans for “external commands” executing incl. recycling


-> hard work for a small new option and some new fixes on comm manager
-> added a new option for using a connection as strict
(this does means, when you have choose to use: “GPRS Telekom” it will always only use this connection. Also if active sync is connected – it use then strict this connection. please update your settings
-> userspecific connection doesn’t work before – now it should also work.
-> small changes in tracer, to get more detail msgs