camro updated his application MailHandler, based upon ImapPusher.


+ mail handling for getting emails via standard mail programm (poutlook) in defined time scheduling
+ multiple mail profiles
+ checking email via “Imap Idle” and via “Polling”
+ imap(143) and imaps(993) ssl
+ Polling in free defined time interval
+ Multiple Time Scheduling for mailhandling with options for:
+> switching on/off diff. connection things (RADIO, GPRS WLAN, BLUETOOTH)
+> email checking (using imapidle or polling)
+> multiple time plans for every mail profile with using diff checking interval (polling or imapidle)
+> multiple time plans for “external commands” executing incl. recycling


-> fixed sleep for short times (< 8 sec haven't worked on 0.74, no notification event created - don't ask me why ...because i measure time for start and after ... and is the same time - hmm, well i made a dirty fix, maybe someone can test it a little bit more. you'll see the times in tracer) -> eventnaming with mailboxname