Manila Control is a simple program that allows us to switch between 2D or 3D Manila and the “Today” of Windows. Allows you to set our screen “Today” with our favorite plugins and Manila also used simultaneously.


– The application allows the use of today’s windows and 2D/3D Manila.
– To exchange desk, is from Left softkey, but it hardbutoon can assign a, a FTouchFlo and in some models a gesture of activation of the cube. (There’s configure it manually).
– The application does not interpret gestures.
– Close to leave Manila for more available RAM (Right SoftKey).
– Manila You can start at boot or not.
– Eliminates Manila from the list of items today.
– Some entries may appear in Spanish if you do not use a ROM WEE.
– The application does not stay resident in memory so it does not consume RAM.