MobilePad is a light, speedy text document editor that allows you to create quick notes or long journals for daily activities right on your Windows Mobile Phone. Version 1.0 contains most of the functionalities of the popular text editor Notepad for Windows that we all know.


– Added support for non-English characters based on your Operating System Localization. (Not fully tested, as i don’t have O/S for another language)
– Fixed some minor bugs.
– Changed SIP behavior to not auto popup when the device has a hard keyboard. (Thx joemanb for reporting)
– Fixed a bug where a new tab is created and then closed, and its associated timer does not get disposed.
– Fixed autosave timer bug where set the auto-save time to 0 or blank causes the program to malfunction. (Thx DanielXYZ for testing this)
– Fixed a minor bug where increasing/decreasing font from “format menu” doesn’t update zoom slidebar.
– Modified icon so it still remains good quality but file size is reduced. This reduced the over size of the cab tremendously.