MobilePad is a light, speedy text document and HTML editor that allows you to create quick notes or long journals for daily activities right on your Windows Mobile Phone.


– Fixed new item name “Bullet” doesn’t changed properly when modify it in MenuSetup.ini.
– Removed “x button” on top right of form as it causes race condition with event handler for devices that set “x button” to close app.
– Added minimize button and close button to replace “x button”.
– Added display * on tab that hasn’t saved. (Thx thierryb)
– Fixed menu items so that they have more spaces between each item. (Thx torpie13 for reporting)
– Added HTML editing support (haven’t set file association yet. This will be added in the setup interface) (Thx torpie13 for requesting)
– Modified Open File so it shows all supported file extensions.