This is a small application volDeus is developing and will evolve into a full-fledged skin editor for Spb Mobile Shell 3. At the moment it only has the ability to change panel backgrounds (among some other helpful tool options), but it has a decent GUI and is unique in that it does not overwrite any changes that have previously been made to your copy of MS3 by other skins or widget packs.


— 1. Scrolling bug fixed.
— 2. Added two more slots to the Images panel.
— 3. Now includes original artwork by volDeus and MoonCat.
— 4. Images are now more evenly distributed throughout available panels.
— 5. All images are now converted to optimal format for MS3 performance and low memory use.
— 6. Added “Global Background” image slot and panel option.
— 7. Added standard panels; Contact – Select Picture, FaceBook Contact Selector, FaceBook Picture Selector, FaceBook Sign-In, Spb Menu Items.
— 8. Replaced “Restart MS3” menu item with expanding menu including; Status, Stop, Start, Restart.
— 9. Added “Select All” and “Select None” buttons to the “Panels” tab.
— 10. Removed “Vertical Slide” image slots and changed corresponding panels to full-screen, fixed backgrounds.
— 11. Added link to home forum thread in about page.
— 12. Other minor bugfixes.