This is a small application volDeus is developing and will evolve into a full-fledged skin editor for Spb Mobile Shell 3. At the moment it only has the ability to change panel backgrounds (among some other helpful tool options), but it has a decent GUI and is unique in that it does not overwrite any changes that have previously been made to your copy of MS3 by other skins or widget packs.


–1. Added the ability to add and remove images or backgrounds, and choose which background is applied to which panel.
–2. Added image rotation, re-sizing, and re-naming.
–3. Added thumbnails in the panels and backgrounds tabs.
–4. Added selectable viewing options “Large icons”, and “Small icons” in all tabs with thumbnails.
–5. Added “check all”, “un-check all”, and “assign to checked” options in the panels tab for easier and faster background changing.
–6. WVGA and WQVGA scrolling problem fixed.
–7. Added the “Carousel” tab for manipulating your panel carousel or tiled panel view. Allows adding, removing, re-naming, and re-ordering the items in your panel views.
–8. Added new file picking dialog for adding images and choosing an external image editor. Includes a more intuitive split tree and file view with icons and image thumbnails. Also adds the ability to change the view type and delete or re-name files.
–9. Added more panels to the “Panels” tab.
–10. Added more utilities to the options dialog.
–11. Alot more small changes and bug-fixes I can’t remember.