Notepad Mobile is a “text editor” for Windows Mobile. It allows you to open text (.txt) files and other text based files (.xml, .bat, .log, etc.)

Its main features being high speed, small size and compatibility with most devices running DOTNET Framework.

Release notes:

Yes. I know why the error is there. This is not an error. You are providing the filename as command-line parameter. But your file name contains spaces, hence it should be enclosed within quotes.

E.g. /Internal Storage/my file.txt should be opened as Notepad.exe “/Internal Storage/my file.txt” and see it will work!

I can do a workaround fix, but that would make it non-standard. I will tell you why…

All command-line parameters are separated by spaces.
e.g. Notepad.exe param1 param2
Now, all programs use the first parameter as file name. But, when your filename contains spaces, it is split into two or more parameters. And that causes the error. Hence, to open your file, your parameter should appear within double quotes.

So, for opening a file, say, /My File.txt, your command will be.

“/Notepad.exe” “/My File.txt” (assuming that both files are in root folder)

PS: Please don’t mind if I went in so much details. But I explained for people who would not know anything.

However, If you suggest that I should “merge” multiple parameters and check whether it is a valid filename or not, then I can do it. But as I said, that would be non-standard 🙂 . I have attached a file with this change done.