OnTV is an application that brings you todays tv schedule right into your Windows Mobile device. It will show you listings for a number of channels, as well as information about each tv show! To make sure you don’t miss that important fotball game or tonights exciting movie, you can add a reminder about the show into the calender by the push of a button!

OnTV uses any existing internet connection to download the listing. To avoid downloading to much data, it downloads each channel only once you click on it to watch the listing. So a little wait might be apparent before the tvshows pops up on the screen, depending on how fast your connection is.

OnTV is available in VGA and WVGA.


– New scrollable lists for channels and listings
– No more cut-off listings.
– You can now define what channels you want present
– “Now and Next” function to get an easy overview of what’s on right now
– The date on the topbar is now replaced with a “Monday 02 Nov.” type instead.
– You can now change day while watching a days listing, no need to go back to the channel page.
– Channel icon in the info page
– One cab for both VGA and WVGA
– Probably a few other things I can’t think of right now =)