The whole point of the program is to unlock you device not with some alphanumeric sequence or a simple key combination, but with a sequence pattern of points on screen.

Then the sequence entering screen is shown, where you need to repeat the configured sequence by taping the moving shapes. Device is automatically locked after soft-reset.
Going to check compatibility/add with different screen lockers (like S2U2) in future versions. Locker does not consume any resources while screen is locked. It is only activated when unlock is initiated.

Current version is in beta stage, so chances are there might be some quirks here and there.


– New unlocker – Static picture with absolute positioning (others have relative).
– Config stored in program folder now.
– A bit more user friendly configurator. Shows order of entered points with letters. Loads previous settings.
– Possibility to unlock device with a special ‘panic’ key.
– Letters are shown instead of numbers in unlocker screen.
– Option to automatically lock after soft-reset.