Perpetual by Mollusk is a simple image zooming demo. You can zoom on any of the 200 images, and the pixels will turn into other images to zoom, perpetually.


– Fixed image bug when you have more than 256 images (that was stupid)
– Fixed potential crash when moving around too much
– PerpetualMaker updated, smaller exe
– Improved performance
– Uses only half as much ram now
– New image viewer to select start image
– Now over 300 images !
– New Image Pack maker : just put in any directory, and it’ll take all the images from images/ (still requires 240×240 jpeg images) and do a pack (.prp file)
– New splash screen, with possibility to select pack to display !
– Speed button : x0.5, 1, or 2
– Auto button for lazy people
– Surface button to come back to the unzoomed image

Thanks to Mollsuk himself for the news.