Pocket Forecast which is formerly known as Pocket Weather has been udpated.

This weather forecast application has the following features:

1. Multiple locations
2. Cached weather feeds
3. Skinnable themes
4. Uses Yahoo/Weather.com RSS feed – see http://www.yahoo.com/weather to look up location codes (also uses U.S. zip codes)
5. Open source (code posted on Basic4ppc.com forums)
6. Configurable interval for updating weather feed


– Main page fonts changed from bold to normal to reduce ‘fuzziness”
– Today details now show today’s forecast, not current
– Add locations are aligned on screen properly
– Fixed drop down combos to inherit theme colors
– Weather direction for 360 degrees now shows “N”
– Merged image library source, DLL no longer required
– Main page weather icons now inherit theme color
– Background images can be png, gif, or jpg (define in theme.ini)
– Fixed settings crash when location added & went back into settings
– NEW: portrait/landscape (switch back & forth)
– NEW: VGA (I can’t test this)