PocketPicasa is a Google Picasa Manager for Pocket PC / Windows Mobile devices.

Release notes:

Features (Version
– VGA and QVGA Support.
– Albums Browser.
– Album Create/Delete.
– Album downloading.
– Album detail pane.
– Photo Browser.
– Photo Uploader/Downloader.
– Photo SnapShot (Snapshot photo directly into the album).
– Photo comment support.
– Snapshot into your private “Picasa Drop Box”.
– Supports Email and Direct Connection Uploading.
– Enhanced error reporting.
– Picasa Favourites (Album/Photo browsing and comment Supported).
– Local Favourites (Album/Photo browsing and comment Supported).
– Community Searching (Album/Photo browsing and comment Supported).
– Add a photo directly to a contact.
– Support email (if the system crashes it will automatically email pocketPicasa support info using prefered email account,
this can be turned off using Preferences)

Bug Fixes (Version
– Better Memory management
– Added Single shot mode for Snapshot.
– Implemented Device Health check (Profile module still pending).
– Updated Support email with Device Health.
– corrected detail view (Albums and Photos it wil only activate once a Album or Photo is selected)
– Speed Improvements.
– More error checking (email account Validation, camera HW checking and many more).