Alex, known for his port/remake of PuzzleManiak for the Nintendo DS had a poll about “PuzzleManiak” für Pocket PC’s. The user has decided and Alex has started coding. There is a first early Alpha version available for download now.

Release notes:

Finally, a version 0.1 alpha is now available.

This is really an alpha version.
That means that a lot of things are not working.

For instance, Sudoku is not working at all!
Because I didn’t implement keyboard’s input…

You can play all other games, but after a game you’ve to close the game and to restart it…

Game lost (like in Mines) is not detected yet.

I released this alpha version to get a maximum of feedbacks.
So, you know what you’ve to do now…

The .exe is attached to this post.


Thanks a lot Mollusk for your support !!!