RemoteTracker is an antitheft software which you can use to track your device when it was lost or stolen. It works catching a formated SMS sent from any phone and then send useful informations back.


– Bug fixes;
– New German translation;
– Added four commands:
– gip – Get the current IP address. If your device has more than one, you will receive all of them. If there is at least one valid IP address, the IP defined by ActiveSync will be ignored. If no IP address exists the command will make a connection (GPRS/EDGE/3G…) and return a valid IP;
– egip – same as GIP but by e-mail;
– vnc – start a vnc server. It works like Kuzko1 implemented, so, download the file here and put the executable (vncserver.exe) in Program FilesRTConfig folder. THIS IS NOT A FREE SOFTWARE!
– evnc – same as vnc, but the answer will be received by e-mail.