SASHIMI is an Installer. Its main function is to install CAB, .REG., and .XML files that can be used when setting up your device. It can be run in Manual Mode, Fully Automated Mode, or in Manual+Auto mode. SASHIMI can also perform backups of your important files and registry entries and allow for easy restore during installation.

SHASHIMI stands for Semi Automated Script for HTC-Kaiser Installations, MortScript Initiated.


NEW! – Alphabetized processing of all files and folders for better control of installations.
NEW! – EXE paths and processing added to Install phases.
NEW! – Owner settings back-up option and automatic restore before install phase.
UPDATED! – Fixed issue with install to Storage Card routine hanging on CAB files with very short names.
UPDATED! – File order processing. Registry (and tandem registry) files now get processed after CAB file installs.
UPDATED! – INI file and path processing to better deal with missing values for critical path variables.
UPDATED! – CAB installer updated to deal with non-standard Storage Card naming.
UPDATED! – Startup executable (VipMSCRexe) updated to 3.0.
UPDATED! – Optimized code structure with reduced sub-routines for less code complexity.
NOTE: – Although SASHIMI has actually been reduced in code size, it’s processing time has actually slightly increased. This is due to the new features, most notably enhanced error checking and file alphabetization.