SASHIMI is an Installer. Its main function is to install CAB, .REG., and .XML files that can be used when setting up your device. It can be run in Manual Mode, Fully Automated Mode, or in Manual+Auto mode. SASHIMI can also perform backups of your important files and registry entries and allow for easy restore during installation.

SHASHIMI stands for Semi Automated Script for HTC-Kaiser Installations, MortScript Initiated.


NEW! – Brand new GUI menu system for Manual Install phase. Makes individual file selection easier!
NEW! – CUSTOMLINKS.INI file to control location of shortcuts for installed CAB files.
NEW! – One-off file selection dialog now supported during every step of Manual Install phase.
NEW! – Infinite subdirectory processing. No longer are subdirectories for nesting files only limited to one level deep.
UPDATED! – ROM language support has been expanded. Auto Storage Card screen taps now supports 8 ROM languages.
UPDATED! – Reorganization of some menu options for more intuitive access.
UPDATED! – Free space check during Auto Storage Card routine fixed to not check main memory when installing to Storage Card.
UPDATED! – Error checking routines and logging for non-standard ROM languages and non-QVGA resolutions.
UPDATED! – Removed AutoRegExport and FileBackupPath paths and setting. Defaulting back to REG and Root respectively. This is due to the new Manual Phase GUI system, these options are no longer necessary.
UPDATED! – VipMSCRexe no longer used for startup executable due to problems processing Unicode characters for multi-language support. Has been replaced with MortScript’s Autorun.exe