SASHIMI is an Installer. Its main function is to install CAB, .REG., and .XML files that can be used when setting up your device. It can be run in Manual Mode, Fully Automated Mode, or in Manual+Auto mode. SASHIMI can also perform backups of your important files and registry entries and allow for easy restore during installation.

SHASHIMI stands for Semi Automated Script for HTC-Kaiser Installations, MortScript Initiated.


UPDATED! – MortScript to version This version is required to run SASHIMI (included with install).
NEW! – Dialog system and diagnostic status messages for a more streamlined and professional appearance.
NEW! – Automatic creation of CUSTOMLINKS.INI file from specified directory for easy modification of shortcut creation.
NEW! – Ability to switch between multiple SETTINGS.INI files for multiple folder and other customization options. Command-line supported.
NEW! – EXEPARAMS.INI file allows parameters to be specified for .EXE files during install phases.
NEW! – IdleTimerReset implemented to prevent timeouts during long Auto installs (from 6.1.1beta)
Storage Card Install updates including:
NEW! – Ability to handle more variables including Network Folders and Extended ROM (for Moguls and other devices. from 6.1.1 beta)
NEW! – Support for DIAMOND and other VGA devices
NEW! – Support for DIAMOND and other devices with “Internal Storage”
UPDATED! – Bug fixed where CAB files beginning with “SC” were automatically installed to Storage Card even when not in the SC directory
UPDATED! – CUSTOMLINKS.INI now handles Wildcard ( “*”) options.
UPDATED! – Fixed issues with SASHIMI detecting CAB files that have been moved/removed since previous install (temp file issue).
UPDATED! – Ability to specify file name for Full Registry Export.