camro updated his application SchedHandler, previously known as MailHandler. The program is based upon ImapPusher.


.) Scheduler for:
Scanning for:
-> network connection scanner (check the connection and if not valid reconnect again)
-> anti power suspend (sending power heartbeat every X-seconds, and so not going to suspend mode)
-> imap idle scanning for new emails
-> wheel time scanning (after X-seconds execute…)
–> + extra option for
—- checking if File Exist
—- checking if File Not Exist
—- checking if Application Running
—- checking if Application Not Running
Timeplans when Scanning events are valid
Execution if Scanning is valid:
-> Polling Emails (Pocket Outlook Mailboxes)
-> Kill Tasks
-> Play Sounds (all windows media supported files)
-> Switch Radio, GPRS, Wlan, Bluetooth via ON/OFF/Toggle
it supports:
+ multiple email profiles
+ multiple email FOLDERS
+ multiple scheduler profiles
+ multiple time plans
+ checking email via “Imap Idle” and/or via “Polling”
+ imap(143) and imaps(993) ssl
+ Polling in free defined time interval
+ Multiple Time Scheduling for:
+> switching on/off/toogle (RADIO, GPRS WLAN, BLUETOOTH)


+ add new option for reseting EXISTS email on every starting of new timeplan
+ added logic for UIDNEXT handling and rember on last values (EXISTS +UIDNEXT)
+ fixed bug in network connection handler
+ fixed some bugs on thread handling
+ fixed some bugs on imap idle handling (on vaild times – start if connection is not fully prooved)
+ redesign of menus for better handling (new left and right menu)
+ creating the first version for SP (SmartPhone) – sorry can’t test it here – no smartphone -please test and let me know ..
+ fixed some graphic bugs
+ tracing – more logical messages + removing all usernames + passwords -> now only the the name of the mailbox will be display in log, so you can easily send it without removing username of your account
+ etc ….