Shopping Cart allows you to create, save and manage shopping lists on your mobile device. You can create them on the fly and save them for future use, or you can create a master shopping list with common items that can be put into a new shopping list for whatever adventure you set forth on.

It also includes a Windows (PC) based utility for those “power” users who like to manage large, multi-tab lists. It simplifies typing up large lists of items and it also transfers them directly to your device if it is connected.


New features: Shopping Cart Companion – You can use this tiny application to easily create and manage lists (both standard and master lists) from your PC and transfer them directly to your device.

Fixes: Optimized code greatly for larger lists. Opening a large list, e.g. 40 items per tab over 3 tabs opens in 5 seconds instead of 30. This has a huge impact on older / slower devices.