As the name suggests it’s “SimplePiano” is a simple piano application.


* Added two single finger chord modes (Major and Minor) – Requires special skin. I don’t like this solution so I didn’t follow it. If anyone is interested in this please let me know…
* Added minimum note sustain length control (in milliseconds). If minimum sustain is not specified the full sample is played.
* Added support for looping over the sample (by looping over the sample) Two samples can be specified, one is played once in the beginning, and the second is played over and over until the key is released. If the second sample is not specified the first one is used for the loop. This feature requires appropriate sound samples to be available.
* Sounds are controlled via “Sound.lst” file. Different behavior of the notes (those mentioned above) can be controlled via this file.
* Added OK/Cancel button to the settings dialog.
* Vibration LED index can be now set via the “Device” tab in the settings dialog.
* Polyphony can control to the “Device” tab in the settings dialog.
* Fixed a problem where SimplePiano closed if an incompatible skin was chosen.
* Fixed issue where bitmaps were not always clipped to bounds.
* Fixed crash when sound file was not exists.
* Changed applications icon (thanks mickesjo)