S2P(Slide2Play) is my third S2 series application. S2P is a stylus-free MP3/WMA player application. It simply lets you browse your music files & play.


– the Album View now can flow. (since this view is very CPU intensive, it may be sluggish on your device)
– added 2 control buttons in the Album View.
– added option (FastAlbumPic) to retrieve embedded album pic faster (same as v0.38); but if the album pic cannot be loaded probably, disable this option.
– changed option AlwaysLoadAlbumPic to AlwaysLoadEmbedAlbumPic; it’s only useful when a folder contains a mix of songs from different albums. If there is no embedded album pic in your song files, make sure to set it to 0.
– the album pic & song info are now cached (under each folder as folder.jpg, s2p1.tag & s2p2.tag), i.e. the second time you visit the same album, it’ll be faster.
– added support to HTC Diamond – both GSensor & AVRCP; for AVRCP, read the FAQs below for the detail trick.
– added support to RealVGA.
– won’t keep the system alive when it’s paused.
– separate CAB files for QVGA(low-res) & VGA(high-res) devices.
– fixed the issue that all memory was ate up for some problematic embedded album pic.
– some minor bugs fixed.