Slide2Unlock2 (S2U2) is a simple lock/unlock application which has the iPhone style slide unlocking. It can be used as a screensaver while you don’t use your device. And it’s has a CallerID function.


– added a new display mode – GDI (removed DirectDraw registry key). If your device has problem (e.g. no display) with RawBuffer or DirectDraw, try this. But on some old devices or VGA devices, it may be very slow.
– added optional “Slide to End”.
– added weather support to Manila 2D & 3D.
– added option to delay “Blank screen on Talk”.
– added option to unlock when external power is connected.
– added option to automatically run S2P when the headphone (either Bluetooth or wired) is connected.
– added option to unlock when the stylus is pulled out.
– added option to lock when the stylus is put back.
– added option to disable the bottom curtain.
– it now locks the Diamond’s Home button (but in another way).
– all graphics support high resolution, i.e. truely VGA. (thanks poorlyduck for helping the artworks)
– changed some graphics elements (e.g. a new battery connector).
– fixed the bug that occasional double lock occurred in v1.22.
– moved the S2UText & S2AText settings from registry to lang.ini (as it’s more related to language).
– reduced the memory usage.
– a more logical S2U2 Settings.
– some minor bugs fixed.