Spb Mobile Shell 2 – Contacts App Replacement Version 0.01


I made an easy way of replacing the SPB Contacts app in Mobile Shell 2 with your own prefered application. Once you create a shortcut you can switch between the default Mobile Shell Contacts and any application of your choosing.

I made it as simple as possible to add your prefered Contacts Manager, I use Finger Friendly, my friend uses iContact, and PocketCM seems quite popular here. As downloaded, the script is setup for Finger-Friendly Friends, but to change it all you have to do is edit the first 2 lines with a text editor.

For use with SPB Mobile Shell 2 only, for Windows Mobile support see this thread.

MortScript is requied, download it here.

I hope you find this useful!

To use:

1. Download and unpack the ZIP file.
2. Edit the first 2 lines in the MSCR file, notepad works fine for this.

set AltContactName, “Finger Friendly Friends”
set AltContactPath, “Program FilesFinger-Friendly FriendsFingerFriendlyFriends.exe”

3. Copy to your device, and make a shortcut in the Mobile Shell Launcher (I placed it in “TOOLS”)
4. Click the shortcut and answer the “Yes or No” question.
5. Repeat step 4 to swap between the two contact managers!