Speeed Reader is a Google Reader Client for Windows Mobile Professional devices. It allows native access and interaction to your Google Reader subscriptions. Google Reader is a great RSS feed aggregator that can organize all your RSS feeds in an intuitive manner. Using Speeed Reader, you can now view them on your Windows Mobile device, natively.


New feature: Article Caching/Offline mode
New feature: Search
New feature: Share articles via email/sms
New feature: Download more articles for tag reading list
New feature: Mark (new) articles unread
New feature: Hide read subscriptions and articles
Enhancement: Now using Bit.ly for URL shortening
Enhancement: Dynamic manual article refreshing
Enhancement: Progress bar is back
Enhancement: Correct font sizes for QVGA devices
Enhancement: Newly designed settings UI
Enhancement: New Mirabyte Controls module
Bug Fix: Feed URLs contain ‘?’ now load correctly (no more “There are 0 articles to read”)