Splash Screen Randomizer is a simple tool that launches in the background at startup and swaps out the Welcome Splash screen with a random splash screen from a folder that can be defined by you.


You can now preview the next boot splash or randomize a new one from settings
You can pick an individual splash screen to use(this will remove the randomizer link from startup until the “single file” option is unchecked)
You can now reset the picture back to the original setting by pressing the “Reset”
The splash are no longer copied from the splash folder to the windows folder. The registry values that point to the file in the windows folder are now changed to point to the file in the splash folder. This does improve startup speed because less io traffic is happening Credit for reg links:l3v5y
The OpenFile dialog has been slimmed down and tweaked a bit to allow context sensitive clicking(i.e. “right click” gives “Enter Folder, Select Folder, and Select File”respectively)

If you had 0.7.5 you should uninstall it first and delete the directory called “SplashScreenRandomizerSetup” in your program files(you don’t have to do that from 1.0 on)