Sunscape is a screen saver and locker for PocketPC mobile devices. It is similar to the iPhone slide to unlock feature, but targets the Windows Mobile system. It provides an interface that displays configurable information about the handheld device. The graphics used are completely replaceable, allowing users to build their preferred custom interface. The main goals are to keep Sunscape completely configurable to the user as well as maintaining a very low memory footprint.

Release notes:

This release fixes some bugs from the previous version and adds stability and new features. More work has been done on the phone handling routine so that it should now correctly get the caller contact. A volume gauge and a signal gauge has been added as well as single color transparency for gadgets. Sunscape now relies on a library in order to remove repeating code. A real-time wallpaper transition effect has been added as well as localization settings for all text on screen. Speed was boosted and many other bugfixes and enhancements have been applied.