TangledBugs is a remake of the good old Untangle game !

Nothing special in this version, just the arcade mode for now : start by untangling 6 bugs, then 10, 15, 20, etc… Until you give up !

This is still a WIP version, an update should come soon with highscores…

Code by Mollusk, graphics by DayDream.

Release notes:

I guess I really messed up when I released the last version :s The stylus code WAS more accurate to select a bug, but would also automatically switch to other bugs when moving over them… Anyways, this is now fixed !

I also removed the “Ok” button to skip levels, as you now automatically have a level selection screen with saves to unlock higher levels 🙂

And, last but not least, the lines now change to a nice light green when they don’t touch any other line ! Makes things a bit easier, so please tell me what you think of it :p