Taskbar Launcher is a little tool that shows a customizeable launch pad when you hit the taskbar.

Attention: Current version is designed for newer 6.5.x builds of Windows Mobile with the start menu on bottom. Taskbar Launcher is blocking all other applications from the taskbar, so it might be a bad idea to use it when your Start menu is still on top.


* support alpha PNGs
* PNGs from custom commands are automatically detected from entry in Start menu etc.
* internal commands can be launched using command line parameters
* Yellow indication when Wifi connection is open
* temporarily disabled highlighted icons when hitting them
* Manila, Phone, Start menu, Home screen and Active Sync is excluded in task manager
* Still possible to switch to home screen/start menu when using prev/next gestures
* immediately update taskbar when status of battery/connection has changed or when waking up from sleep
* removed $HTCVOLUME control because it wasn’t reliable. Use seperate exe I had posted if you still need it
* added autoclose feature
* new icon set + application icon for TBL