Tasks Manila syncs with your Outlook tasks. It operates directly with tasks stored in your device.


+ list of tasks
+ completing tasks
+ adding new task
+ sorting tasks
+ save settings
+ landscape
+ deleting of tasks
+ supported: WVGA (tested), VGA (tested), QVGA (emulated)

– translations
– editing tasks
– red point at high important tasks
– fix overlapping text “due to” over checkboxes
– importance option on the main screen
– to remove the confirmation before deleting tasks and putting “cancel” option on the right menu button
– “new task” option in the menu with all options that task can have
– rewrite code to better form + speed optimalizations
– show only active tasks
– implement as a Manila tab
(and ofc your suggestions)

– when mode of deleting tasks user is still able to change their status (it doesnt effect the functionality anyway)