This is a animated clock and weather flash theme, it works only of you have flash installed and a today plugin like ANIMATED TODAY.


– fixed the mixed up Spanish/Hungarian language (the txt settings file changed too)
– Removed the chinese language option (sorry, if anyone gets me a font with chinese and western characters I’ll put it back)
– Added the font choosen settings (added that option to txt settings file also)
– The change color menu now only exists in the weather config (lack of space)
– Changed the “Please update” weather screen to a more colorfull one
– The start menu text is now white (it was black)
– Fixed a small problem with the fishes not changing randomly (there are 6 diferent species, you know…)
– Simplified the fish animations so that the they’d swim smoother
– Added a small animation switch between time/weather.
– Changed the butons sensitive area