ThrottleLauncher is a launcher app designed for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 in c# and c++. Basically it consist’s of several pages containing rows. Each of the rows depending of it contents can be scrolled horizontally by using the finger. The app is fully configurable through xml files so the rest of the features depends on the diferent setups.

Release notes:

– Veritcal scrolling works a lot smoother.
– Calendar speedup by offline getting appointments (appointments may take a little while to show) Loading message added to the plugin.
– Fully redesigned ThrottleConfig app.
– Widget creation support to create contacts widgets and shortcuts.
– Messages update automatically when new one is received or when they are deleted.
– Multiple mail accounts support in TF3D theme.
– #$THEME_BASE# Points to the current theme folder (ie. like #$THROTTLE#setupstouchflo3d was but with the posibility of placing the theme in SD card for example). This does also support storage card instalation as long as they are inside ProgramFilesThrottleLauncherSetups folder.
– Deprecated keeppagebackbuffer, clearbackbuffers (this two are useless as pagechanging and buffering is atuomatically optimized now), minclicktime (people don’t like delays when clicking).
– New way of arranging groups (last apps, running apps, contacts and folder contents). Now you can use the items flag to arrange the info in panels or what ever you want. Check the allcontactswithphoto or applications tag of the updated iphone theme
– Fully rewriten today plugin integration (no more taskmgr hangs between other thing). Lot’s faster engine.
– Graphics rotation fix.
– Plugins on first page solved by changing loading policy.
– Paged mode issue solved.
– Transparency issues problems when changing pages.
– Solved issue when draging over the top bar.
– Redesigned Message2Reg.
– Solved all the standalone app issues (including the plugin backgrounds ).
– Added a backup of the log file to ThrottleToday2.txt
– Solved ThrottleConfig problems.
– Reduced memory footprint